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I Wear The Pants

Rugby shirt | Vintage Slacks

The best 20 dollars ever spent, well recently anyway would have to be these pant. Maybe it is how tall I feel in them, a rare feeling I tell you, or the fact that putting them on has become more of a who I become rather than who I have felt like recently. 

We all know an outfit can be as much a costume as the character you become fitting into it, but maybe you are more you with the costume on? Like was Clark Kent the costume or Superman, who was he more comfortable being? Can we chose, can we be more ourselves being our characters than we are being “ourselves”. Maybe “ourselves” is who others think we are and that is the character?

There is something safe, maybe childish about what some of my outfits make me feel like. This is supposed to be a coming of age story, for my wardrobe anyway, so as I grow up so should my closet. I don’t want to be the childish personification of  what a tomboy may be, but rather the more sophisticated perhaps androgynous form my style has taken on. It is not forced it is what I am more comfortable looking like. This could also just be that thing we do as young women always trying to be older? Stomping our feet and throwing a fit while demanding to be talked to as adults Maybe? Maybe not?

Personal style hasn’t felt personal enough lately. We see, read, and become influenced by to much. Sometimes we have to let ourselves be our own inspiration, Sometimes you just have to be the one wearing the pants.

i want this outfit

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