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how backwards is this…

Nicki Minaj states that shes all for girl power, Barbs, etc , but yet she openly endorses and supports Mitt Romney, a man who wants women to go back to being barefoot, pregnant, and silent. wheres the sense in this?

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  1. baddestminaj answered: she doesn’t support him, she was mocking him.
  2. paapaaayaaaa answered: people are saying her line is a metaphor but that’s bs sinxe she hasnt come out and said it’s a metaphor. She DOES support republican mindset
  3. brandonelsom answered: ………….. that line was a metaphor, she does NOT and is FAR from supporting him -___-
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  5. mermaidminaj answered: she isn’t voting for romney, it was sarcasm. she’s openly stated she supports obama and obamacare :)
  6. fistopherbrown answered: dsfbhgngnffhnfxcbfzbdngnsfhdgfhjhgfjdgjghfgg exactly where is the sense?
  7. badwolfalwaysuptonogood answered: She a stupid hoe.
  8. kindofinsane answered: shes not you fuckkk!
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